Thursday, August 3, 2017

Socialized Medicine is NOT Part of the American Fabric

Socialized Medicine is NOT Part of the American Fabric

Socialized medicine would bring the U.S. a lot closer to total Socialism. Doctors, medical service and hospital facilities would be solely administered by government, state agencies or other organized groups. Funding would be obtained by philanthropists, assessments or even worse- taxation!  Imposed government taxes would create a government bidding system for medical services and supplies- increasing costs.  The existing relationships between doctors and patients would shift and the logistical requirements for specialized treatments would also disrupt privacy. The review approving medical attention for the “problems of the sick” would become public instead of honoring the decisions of immediate ones immediate family.  

The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) provision under ObamaCare is completely independent to you and your doctors; the physician who knows your case, evaluates, diagnoses and treats you for your medical conditions. This board is independent to your hospital and Medicare- also independent of Congress, the judiciary, the democratic process, ultimately even the Constitution.  It is consisting of 15 unelected bureaucrats confirmed by the Senate. IPAB submits recommendations to Congress to prevent a high growth of national health care expenditures. Essentially micromanaging our health care into rules outside our control.

There are many who strongly repeal the “Death Panel” such as the American Medical Association.  Many do not agree with the board’s authority and inflexible mandate to impose arbitrary across-the-board cuts to physicians and other providers.  Shifting this dynamic could adversely affect access to health care services for those with rare diseases and Medicare patients as well.  Many potential consumers do not attend their regular visits, making matters worse, conditions become acute and more expensive to treat.  The working class should choose their health insurance based on their needs in a free market with competition for affordable health care benefits for themselves and their children.

We can see a clear example of Socialized Medicine given the current health system in the United Kingdom with the case of Charlie Gard.  Charlie had a disease called Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome; which affects cells that provides energy to muscles, kidneys and the brain. His muscles began to become weak rather quickly, yet he was never brain dead.  Great Ormond Street Hospital had the power to take them to court and request permission to remove the machines and technology necessary to keep Charlie alive.  His parents researched and found hope with seven different experts.  One of those experts is Dr. Micho Hirano from CUMC in New York City.  Dr. Hirano is a clinical expert of neuromuscular rare diseases; he is also the doctor who treats my son “Arturito.” Arturito is one of 16 patients in the world who are currently being treated for a similar muscular depletion with experimental medication.  After administering these experimental medications for my son for nearly four years, and tracking numerous milestones of improvements- I am extremely grateful for the opportunity of this treatment.  As a parent advocate with major strides of progress, I visited Charlie Gard’s family in London with my testament and encouraged them to believe in the opportunity and possibility of a cure provided by Dr. Hirano.  In the U.S., despite the statistics and potential negative predictions, the health care system does not interfere with my personal decisions and respect our family’s privacy- I am always entitled to pursue my parental rights and so are the other 15 parent who choose to give their child a chance of Life.

Charlie’s parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard have conducted extensive fundraising efforts and have received contributions from over 83,096 individuals/entities to help fund their wish to try experimental medication to save Charlies life.  They took matters into their own hands with their GoFundMe page, created a website plus extensive advocating on social media to overcome the challenges caused by the limited funding accessible from their socialized medical system.  This system (equivalent to our IPAB) removed parental rights, forbidding these parents their own child’s best interest!  Take a moment to interpret these emotions as a parent to a young child – or- toward your elderly parents.

On July 28, 2017, just one week before his first birthday- Charlie Gard passed away due to the lack of the experimental medications which could have saved his life.  States should pursue patient-centered, market based reforms that get health care back on track.  We need a market based competitive health care system to sustain reasonable and affordable plans for everyone regardless of their illnesses.  We must respect the privacy and the will of loved-ones.  Essentially, from this example- we understand that rare diseases don’t get enough funding for research- but why should that be a reason for a child to die!  We’re the United States of America and here- the power of choice, is Freedom!

By Art Estopinan - - August 2, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

Sad Day in the UK

Today is a sad day in the United Kingdom for the British people, as well as for supporters of #CharliesFight in the USA.  The UK political and grass roots leaders regarding rare diseases should strongly consider revamping their system.  There seems to be a lot more questions than answers in this high-profile case.  These ultra-rare muscular diseases must be addressed by the qualified doctors specialized in treating these type of conditions, not by their judicial system.  Doctor Hirano, for example, is instrumental in the life of Mr. Estopinan’s son, “Arturito” and had provided hope for the parents of Charlie Gard.

Regrettably, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) decided not to perform the recommended experimental medications and disallowed Charlie to fight for his life with the necessary advancements taking place in technology and the exclusive case-studied treatment available.  However, we are confident this case is the first of a long series of followers who will continue to support change for the UK judicial system and for GOSH to reconsider treating rare diseases as they should be!

Art Estopinan conducted his due diligence as a parent advocate and raised awareness to help these heroic parents.  We CONGRATULATE Connie Yates and Chris Gard for their bravery and courage.  They have set the stage for other parents to follow in their determined footsteps and find a solution of hope and confidence in the doctors that dedicate their lives to LIFE!  May Charlie Rest In Peace!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Celebrating our ONE year Anniversary this month!!!  The Estopinan Group is proud to announce the anniversary of their establishment in Government Relations, Public Affairs, Business Development and Political Consulting.  We've respectfully complied with the congressional rules which require to abide by a one year "cooling off" period for Chief of Staff.  This includes Art's former boss, her MENA Sub and sovern entities.

Some highlights from our first year includes:
  • grateful to work with friends at well established lobbying firm Alcalde & Fay in Washington DC
  • working with Madame Beauzile in sharing her vision and ideas to rebuild Haiti's economy
  • visiting Seoul, Korea where the World Peace Summit took place enhancing US-Asia and Eurasia cooperations
  • honoring Art Estopinan for being named Vice President of International Development at Sexton's Creek as part of their government relations team an Indiana based consulting firm
  • extreme efforts for the economic development of Puerto Rico in working with New World Group Advocacy in favor of tax reform creating jobs on the island and also to prevent the Medicaid cliff
  • support provided to create awareness regarding the human rights violations under Erdogan's Administration currently in Turkey while working with Washington Strategy Group 
  • working with CEO Advisors and Vida & Exito, Mr. Roberto Arguello to inform Members of Congress of devastaing economic impact that the NICA Act would have on Nicaragua's fragile economy 
  • actively raising awarenes for Mitochondrial disease around the world throughTK2Cures; serving as a parent advocate in North Holland at ENMC Conference to give testimony of positive effects of current exp meds for our son, Art Junior and 18 other children around the world; also nucleosides to save #CharlieGard's life 
  • Art Estopinan is also testing the waters to run for the seat of the upcoming vacancy for the 27th Congressional District in Florida  
We sincerely appreciate your support and look forward in continuing to provide EXCELLENT Results! 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

HOLLAND: In Search of a Cure

An unparalleled experience in the travelled to North Holland this month in hopes of good news while searching for a cure for rare diseases.  Absolutely enlightened in a room filled with doctors from all over the world and individuals who vest their maximum effort in experiments and case studies to essentially help those with rare diseases. 
There are already 18 children living whose tracheostomy’s have been removed because of these experimental medications.  Now there are new optimistic results in processes tried on mice intravenously are setting better expectations for HOPE in saving the lives of more children with rare diseases sooner, since time is of the essence.  Attending this ENMC Conference and further educating ourselves on how treatments are created is impressive and compelling beyond emotions for parents everywhere.   
LONDON:  The Power of Love 

Connie Yates and Chris Gard parents to Charlie who has RRM2B and are working with prominent ethic medical doctors in supporting efforts to save their son.  Imagine a hospital wasting six months of precious time and now removing all parental rights to a child who needs technology to stay alive!   Art witnessed the response from Charlie when these hopeful parents give their son love and affection.  Charlie smiles when his parents rub his cheeks and, at times, opens his eyes to the sound of his parent’s voice. 
There are premier mitochondrial doctors in the USA waiting to help save Charlies Life- since there is NO support in the United Kingdom from doctors or their government.  These parents seek permission to travel with their son for a three-month trial of experimental drugs.  During Art's recent visit to the UK, he assisted this family in conducting rallies and in sharing his positive results from experimental medications with his son Arturito.  We show our support by pleading...                                                                                                                                Let Charlie Go to USA!!!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Opportunities in Congress

Mr. Estopinan is exploring the opportunity of running for the 27th Congressional District in the State of Florida to follow his former boss, mentor and friend, Congresswoman Ileana Ros- Lehtinen.  He had the privilege of serving as a senior advisor to her for twenty-seven years, mainly as her Chief of Staff in the Washington, DC office. "I know first hand the challenges that our community faces, and because of my experience and understanding of how the legislative process works, I will be an effective voice in the United States Congress for South Florida" says Mr. Estopinan. 

"There are a host of serious and immediate issues to address in our nation and our community, including: Healthcare Reform saving Medicaid benefits and pre-existing medical conditions; and Tax Reform to allow economic growth and increase jobs for the middle class.  There are also environmental concerns that need to be addressed, such as the sea level rising that threatens our shore lines.  We must also secure our borders with Immigration Reform; Social Security and Medicare benefits for our Seniors must be protected and Education Reform to ensure that our students, at all levels, are well prepared to compete in today’s global economy- especially in mathematics and sciences. Of equal importance, working with the rest of the Congressional delegation to secure federal funding for transportation to help unclog our roadways which are constantly congested.  As far as international issues of importance that I would like to concentrate on from a US National Securities point of view, including: the Safety and Security of the State of Israel, promoting economic growth in the Western Hemisphere, reinforcing our strong alliances in Asia and cementing our long seated relationships in the European Union." 

"The Congresswoman’s shoes are big to fill, however, I am confident that with my previous experience and strong determination I am ready for the task at hand," says Art.  This is a timely opportunity and we look forward to the process.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter

The Estopinan Group is happy to share these articles from Vida Y Exito a premier publication for Central America and an article from The Sun paper in the United Kingdom.  These articles provide insight to our families efforts in advocating for those with rare diseases and creating health conscious awareness.

     These article reflects the many changes and improvements in our sons life due to years of taking experimental medications.  These medications play a vital role in Art Jr's life and in his daily progress.  Charlie 's parents reached out to us for help, their son has a similar rare disease in the UK.  However their laws are different- the Judge has ruled against the trial of these medications and in favor of removing all technologies keeping him alive.

    Our Easter and Passover message is asking our British friends to rule in favor of a three-month trial as an Easter gift; giving Charlie a chance to fight for his life.  We also plea that the Queen Elizabeth have compassion toward this unique case: #CharlieFights